4th Street Farms is looking for new leaders

Looking for new leadership. Can you help?

4th Street Farms was founded in 2010 as a volunteer-run community free farm in Weinland Park and born out of the original 6th Street Community Garden, which closed when the land went to housing. See more at http://4thstreetfarms.com

4th Street Farms has grown the space using permaculture practices – planning native or zone adapted fruit trees, berries, herbs and heirloom vegetables. Using no toxic chemicals, companion planting and organic practices, we’ve grown food that is free for all to harvest. We’ve created murals and installed a Free Little Library with seating, 18 cubbies for books, food and other goodies like gloves, toiletries and toys.

4th Street Farms hosts regular community service events, meetups and storytime, partnering with neighbors and local organizations to maintain the space. We are active on social media and in our community advocating for food justice and solutions to poverty.

The volunteer group has 300+ members, but after 8 years of hard work at 4th Street Farms and now supporting the constellation of gardens and LFLs that have sprung up in Weinland Park, we are looking for new leaders to continue the mission or we will be forced to close. Much of the original leadership has moved away from the area, leaving only 2 original founders to run the volunteer initiative. Due to health issues and demanding work schedules, we aren’t able to continue.

We invite you to lead the way for the future!

Interested? Have questions? Contact Evelyn Van Til at 4thStreetFarms@gmail.com or text 614.506.7040.

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